Now as a companion to his Fire Up Now program of the same name, Joe Trojcak has released his own book. The story of his families’ move to America from Europe and how they built their life here all the way through Joe’s successful building of his business. This book is an inspirational story that shares many of the lessons Joe learned on the path to finding his light and starting his studio. The perfect accompaniment to his Fire Up Now program, Focus On Your Light helps to kick start business and entrepreneurship right here at home and focuses on giving people the tools that they need to build a successful business.

Focus on Your Light shares the practical experience of a self-made entrepreneur and explains how to succeed in your professional and personal life.  It recounts the story of Joe’s family moving to the USA, framing their houses from rejected rail cars and saving $350,000 in the construction of his recording studio by doing the work with family and friends. Through this inspirational story he shares many of the lessons he learned on the path to finding his light and starting his studio.  The book also contains commentary from many of Joe’s former students and interns, and how the lessons in Fire Up Now have enhanced their own careers and businesses.

“Whether I’m giving notes on a script, placing a phone call, consulting, or providing career coaching advice, I began to realize how Joe passed on his ways in the best possible way – through the art of giving and teaching.  It’s for this reason I aspire to be the kind of role model and friend Joe sets out to be every day.  Everything he has given me is truly a gift worth giving again”.

Cara Trabucco


Focus on Your Light is the perfect companion for Joe’s Fire Up Now presentations. It fast forwards the presentations to the most important element: working directly with the attendees to find their light and achieve their goals and dreams.


Focus On Your Light cover


To see pictures to go along with each of the chapters in Focus On Your Light click here!