Fire Up Now is a set of presentations that aim to help people find the light to their future, guide existing entrepreneurs, and fire up the next generation’s careers. You can select the perfect presentation for your group from any of the options below.

Focus on Your Light

This flagship presentation will help students to clarify their passions and create their own career.   Students will learn to use their imaginations and ingenuity to overcome barriers of social class and income. Now there is a companion book that fills in more back story to what Joe presents in this presentation. Having the audience read the book first kick-starts what Joe is able to do with his presentation and allows the focus to be moved to the audience.

Visit The Book page for more information.

Strategies for Freelancing

Joe explains the attitude and tasks that he uses to find clients and keep them happy and satisfied. This is real world insight into specific skills that are vital for success in any career, but especially vital to the  entrepreneur.

Firing up The Next Generation [designed for Community Groups – PTAs]

Joe relates many specific observations on his interactions with young people and suggests actions that parents, businesses, and community leaders can take to give the next generation guidance and sincere hope.

Each presentation concludes with a Q&A session with the audience. Additional small group and or one on one brainstorming sessions with Joe are encouraged to take place immediately following each presentation.