Encouraging the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.


“Listening to the story of how you built your business is like turning on a light in a very dark closet.”

“Listening to your presentations just makes me want to go back to my classes and work harder”

Student reactions like these are why Joe Trojcak started his Fire Up Now presentations.

Using his real life experiences, Joe instills in people the inspiration and means to achieve their dreams. He provides genuine real world examples to show how adopting the principles he discusses reward the person who uses them. Joe is not suggesting any shortcuts to success or legitimate ways to get-rich-quick, but rather impressing upon people the benefits of planning, networking and hard work.

Joe Trojcak honestly discusses the current state of business and provides genuine hope for today’s youth. He has a way of getting young adults excited about their future. Students lock onto his honest, positive message and work harder to become outstanding members of the community.


“I have been most fortunate to be able to work in the fields of music and audio production for over almost three decades. Being self employed as a composer, keyboardist, and engineer has allowed me to put my utmost passions and talents to work. I feel that part of my purpose in life is to help young adults to develop their passions into their own careers or to develop the confidence to strike out on their own as freelancer or business owner.”

Joe Trojcak

“Professor Trojcak was one of the most influential professors of my college career. He taught me to strive for my dreams, and how to do it in a realistic and practical manner. Outside of the classroom, he is always there to help and listen, and he continues to show his students that he cares more about us than grades. He is an inspiration to students and faculty alike.”

Mel Dale, Esq.

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